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AVID Pro Tools Certified Training is an official AVID certification program taught by an Expert Certified Learning Instructor who will teach you everything you need to know to prepare you for the AVID Pro Tools Certification Exams. Our training sessions are all online, self-paced, and led by a certified instructor at a fraction of the cost of other AVID Pro Tools online certification programs.

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3 Easy Steps

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While the AVID Pro Tools Certification material may be extensive, our training process is simple.


Select Course

Pro Tools Certified Training offers Fundamentals 1 & 2 for User Certification, and Production 1 & 2 for Operator Certification. Simply choose the path that's right for you.



A Certified AVID Instructor will guide you through 22 videos in each of the 4 courses. You will also receive an official AVID Courseware ebook to follow along with the videos.


Take The Exam

Once you've completed the lesson, exercise, and exam preparation videos presented by a Certified AVID Instructor, you'll be prepared for each exam and remote proctoring.

Certification Courses

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AVID Pro Tools Fundamentals 1 Course

AVID Pro Tools Fundamentals 1


This course lays a solid foundation to build upon and introduces fundamental Pro Tools concepts and principles, covering everything an individual needs to know to complete a basic Pro Tools project, from initial setup to final mixdown. Here are some of the things covered in this course.

  •  How to create a free AVID account
  •  Links to additional course materials
  •  Fast & simple license management
  •  Weekly webinars for student support

AVID Pro Tools Fundamentals 2


The Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110) course expands upon the basic principles taught in the Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) course and introduces the core concepts and skills students need to competently operate a Pro Tools system running mid-sized sessions. Here are some advantages.

  •  Setup and manage large track-count sessions
  •  Recording and editing techniques
  •  Utilize stock plugins & virtual instruments
  •  Incorporate automated mixing techniques
AVID Pro Tools Fundamentals 2 Course
AVID Pro Tools Production 1 Course

AVID Pro Tools Production 1


The Pro Tools Production I (PT201) course covers the core concepts and skills needed to operate an Avid Pro Tools | Ultimate system with HD-series hardware in a professional studio environment. This course builds on the Pro Tools Fundamentals I and II series of courses, providing intermediate and advanced-level Pro Tools concepts and techniques like...

  •  Customize I/O settings
  •  Work with Window Configurations
  •  Setup and use AFL and PFL solo modes
  •  Work with VCA Master tracks

AVID Pro Tools Production 2 Music


The PT210M Pro Tools Production II (Music Production) course covers techniques for working with Pro Tools systems in a professional music production environment. Concepts and skills learned in the Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101), Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110) and Pro Tools Production I (PT201) courses are reinforced with practical music-specific examples such as...

  •  Set up MIDI devices for use with Pro Tools
  •  Control plug-ins with MIDI controllers
  •  Add and edit Key Change events
  •  Use Preview and Punch Preview workflows
AVID Pro Tools Production 2 Course
AVID Pro Tools for Game Audio Course

AVID Pro Tools for Game Audio


The Game Audio (PT130) course provides students with exposure to the core skills, workflow, and concepts involved in creating and implementing game audio using Pro Tools systems. It covers basic sound design techniques along with example workflows. Session time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, with ample time to experiment with sample material. At the end of this course you will be able to:

  •  Understand game audio workflow
  •  Work with dialog
  •  Incorporate foley
  •  Add sound effects and more

AVID Certified Training Will...

  •  Show future clients and employers that you have a professional level of competency in the audio engineering field
  •  Demonstrate your approval by AVID to operate Pro Tools software, and are ready to work in a professional Pro Tools environment
  •  Highly increase your confidence level to undertake bigger, bolder, more complex projects in the recording industry

Common Questions

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  • Q

    What happens after I register?

  • A Upon registration you can immediately begin watching the videos while you wait for your ebook to be delivered via the email used to register.
  • Q

    Do the Avid Exams cost extra?

  • A No. The course price includes two free proctored exam attempts. Additional exam attempts are $85 per attempt. ($50 proctoring fee, $35 Avid fee)
  • Q

    Do you offer discounts?

  • A The price listed on each course page IS the discounted price. Since our prices are already discounted, we don't offer any additional discounts.
  • Q

    What's included in the course price?

  • A The listed price for each course includes 8-10 instruction videos, 8-10 exercise videos, 1 exam prep video, an Avid course ebook only (does not include printed books), and two proctored exam attempts.
  • Q

    Can I request a refund?

  • A No. Our video courses give you the information you need to successfully complete the Avid Pro Tools Certification Exam. Once we present that content we cannot take it back.
  • Q

    How much does it cost?

  • A The discounted price is listed in the upper right corner of each of the course pages here. Fundamentals 1, Fundamentals 2, Production 1, and Production 2.
  • Q

    Does the price include the Pro Tools Software?

  • A No. We assume you already own the Avid Pro Tools Software or have an active subscription with Avid.
  • Q

    How long are these courses?

  • A Avid suggests 24 study hours for Fundamentals 1 & Production 1, and 36 study hours for Fundamentals 2 & Production 2. How you put those hours together and when is up to you.
  • Q

    I'm already familiar with Pro Tools. Can I just take the exams?

  • A Unfortunately, no. Avid requires the student to be enrolled in a course and be issued a textbook from an Avid Certified Instructor in order to be eligible for the exams.
  • Q

    Do you need both fundamentals courses to get Avid certification?

  • A The first certification does require both Fundamentals 1 and Fundamentals 2, and one cannot proceed to Fundamentals 2 until Fundamentals 1 is passed.
  • Q

    Can I just go straight to Production 1 & 2?

  • A Unless you've already taken the official Avid Fundamentals 1 & 2 exams and passed. You will have to start with those before proceeding to Production 1 & 2.
  • Q

    How do I take my exams?

  • A Once you've received your ebook and successfully completed the Pro Tools Certified Training courses you purchased, you will need to contact us to begin your Avid exam(s).
  • Q

    Where are the exams administered?

  • A Each course exam is proctored online using zoom software, usually on saturdays. No need to travel anywhere.
  • Q

    Will you offer more courses in the future?

  • A We are always looking at ways to make our site better. If there is a specific course you would like us to offer, feel free to use the quick contact form below and let us know.

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"I considered going somewhere else to train, but that takes food and travel expenses, as well as additional days off work. I was able to complete these courses when I had the time and the cost was way better than the other ‘big’ training places."

Johnny R. - Audio Engineer

"The Instructor was extremely knowledgeable, presented the information very professionally, and cared enough to spend a little extra time with me to make sure I knew the material before I took the exam. I highly recommend these courses!"

Jose C. - Student

"The sheer cost of taking these classes in a ‘Big City’ was out of my reach, and I was ready to start recording today. These guys were a lot cheaper, and I could do the coursework as fast as I wanted instead having to wait 16-weeks for other places."

Gerry V. - Studio Manager