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AVID Pro Tools Production 2 Music

Operator Certification
Course: PT210M (ver.2021) Lessons: 10 Duration: 36 hrs

Course Details

The PT210M Pro Tools Production II (Music Production) course covers techniques for working with Pro Tools systems in a professional music production environment. Concepts and skills learned in the Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101), Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110) and Pro Tools Production I (PT201) courses are reinforced with practical music-specific examples.

This course prepares candidates for the Avid Certified Operator: Pro Tools | Music certification exam. Candidates wishing to take this certification exam must have previously passed the Avid Certified User: Pro Tools certification exam.


This course is designed for end-users with intermediate Pro Tools skills with an interest in learning how to use Pro Tools | Ultimate systems with HD-series hardware in a professional music environment.


Completion of the following courses and passing of the associated certification exams:

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Set up MIDI devices for use with Pro Tools
  • Match a session’s tempo to an existing audio performance
  • Control plug-ins with MIDI controllers
  • Utilize advanced MIDI and audio recording options
  • Share tracks for collaboration using a variety of techniques
  • Record multiple takes to playlists
  • Use Playlists view and assemble a composite performance
  • Use Dynamic Transport for working with loops
  • Use Beat Detective for a variety of purposes
  • Use advanced MIDI production techniques, including the Restore Performance function, the Select/Split Notes function, MIDI Editor windows, and the Score Editor window
  • Create drum patterns using MIDI and enhance drum performances with MIDI drums and/or drum samples
  • Work with Bar|Beat Markers and the Graphic Tempo Editor
  • Add and edit Key Change events
  • Use catalogs for sound libraries
  • Use Cut Time, Insert Time, and clip groups for song arrangement
  • Apply static automation techniques
  • Use Preview and Punch Preview workflows
  • Fine-tune automation using Trim mode
  • Bounce and render stems and create final bounces in a variety of ways
  • Sit the associated certification exam

Course Content

Preparing The Session 17m 30s
Lesson 1 Exercise 11m 25s
Tracking & Overdubbing 24m26s
Lesson 2 Exercise 8m 45s
Editing & Fine-Tuning Audio 19m 40s
Lesson 3 Exercise 10m 25s
Editing & Fine-Tuning MIDI 19m 57s
Lesson 4 Exercise 11m 59s
Advanced MIDI Production 17m 54s
Lesson 5 Exercise 8m 58s
Enhancing Drum Performances 25m 11s
Lesson 6 Exercise 15m 22s
Key & Tempo 24m 54s
Lesson 7 Exercise 11m 59s
Arranging & Producing 30m 02s
Lesson 8 Exercise 8m 28s
Mixing & Automation 27m 33s
Lesson 9 Exercise 15m 23s
Printing Your Mix 19m 57s
Lesson 10 Exercise 17m 01s
Examination Preparatory Video 18m 01s
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Prof. Scott

Prof. Scott


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